Share your company data with ease

companID helps you and your company save a lot of time and nerves. Once set up, it lets you fill out pdf forms with one click, easily share your data with third parties or use it to register for SaaS applications.

“ companID saved me hours of annoying and frustrating work. Thank you!”

Thorsten P., CEO of a German SMB

What is companID, and why should I use it?

Having gone through the founding process of a company several time, we know how annoying it is to enter the same data over and over again. A usual credit card application wants you to enter you company’s address 7,2 times on average. Applying for a grant at the IBB? Also, fill out your basic data again and again and again. And don’t forget the Handelregisterauszug!

“We want a world in which stupid work is avoided for the sake of mankind’s dignity. With companID, we are proud to do a small step in this direction.”

– Daniel Werner, Founder of Venture Leap GmbH

Daniel Werner
Daniel Werner

How companID will help you

companID has a many small functions that simplify your daily work as a small company leader.

Enter Data Once

In the beginning, spend 15 minutes to enter all your company’s data once.

Share Your Data Easily

Someone needs you company data? You VAT number and commercial register number? Your Handelsregisterauszug? Look no further – everything is stored in one place, you can easily share it with a few clicks.

Get Rid of Annoying Paperwork

Have to fill out a pdf? Just upload it, wait a few minutes and let our engines do the rest. You will be provided with a pre-filled document that has 70-80 percent of the basic data already filled in. You only have to provide additional information that is very specific to the pdf. That will save you huge amounts of time.

Update Your Data

Moving to a new office? Just update your companID profile, and everyone you have shared your information with will be notified. No more need to change your billing address 200 times.

Own Your Data

At every point in time, you can exactly see whom you shared your data with, and when. Once you don’t want the other organization or business to not have access to your data any more, revoke it with one click.

Sign Up in Seconds

SaaS and other service providers allow you to sign up with companID with just one click. No need to re-enter your address, payment data, billing details and VAT number all over again. Connect with companID!

(closed Beta only)

About Venture Leap

Venture Leap help builds digital products and MVPs for companies. Moreover, by observing the market and targeting customer’s need, we launch digital products that we find useful and love to use ourselves.

If you have any questions about how you can build and launch your digital product, feel free to contact us today!

companID early access

Free access during Beta

If you register now, we will provide you with free premium access for at least 12 months.

Feedback appreciated

We want to build a product that you and your colleagues love and that really saves you time and money. So we are happy about any feedback that you provide. You have will be taken seriously and incorporated into the next versions.

Become a partner

If you are a service provider and want to profit from the easy registration with companID, contact us.

Get Started Now

With our Early Access Plan, you can get started easily and for free. If you need additional features, contact us for the Enterprise Plan.


Early Access Plan

12 months free premium access
  • Store your company data securely
  • Create shares with a few clicks
  • Fill out PDFs automatically
  • See an overview of your shares
  • Revoke and modify data access
15 € / month

Enterprise Plan

With additional features
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Multiple PDF uploads
  • Preferred support

Customer Testimonials

We are happy that we saved our customers many hours of annoying work. Here’s what they say. 

I wish I had known companID earlier (but it was not invented back then). With all the paperwork we had to do, it would have saved me and my Co-Founder at least 40 hours of valueable time per year. 

Christoph B.

Founder, German SaaS

It’s so easy to use this tool! I don’t have to annoy everyone, asking for basic company information. It’s all in one place and updated by the CEO team whenever necessary.

Julia R.

Executive Assistant

We have to ask for a lot of offers from potential vendors, all of which need our company information. We are happy to have companID as a quick and easy tool to provide them with everything they need with ease – and keep track of it automatically.

Matthias D.

Ops Lead